Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That's an Eisenhower to the FACE

Dwight Eisenhower had the dopest roller skating moves of any president thus far. He didn't even need secret service men because of his roller skating ninja moves. Even in his old age he was known to throw up a high kick that could deflect a bullet.
Eisenhower man, mad roller skating skills. Mad.

Boys will be Boyz

This totes rad picture was taken just before President Carter's pizza party at the rink in the White House. Carter was so excited he put up streamers AND balloons. Nixon, Reagan and Ford were all super pumped for it too; they oiled their wheels the night before. The party ended baldy, however; Nixon and Reagan were banned for life after they clothes-lined President Carter - a clear violation of rink regulations.

They called him Calvin Coolskates

Here, President Coolidge poses next to a car. But only next to a car because President Coolidge stepped into a car maybe three times in his life. He skated everywhere he could and would only suffer gas guzzlers when obliged to. One could say he was a proponent for green energy before anyone made that up.
He often referred to himself as Calvin Coolguy247 but the nickname never stuck.

Rollin' wit' the Holy

This is an extremely rare photo of President Reagan because he never allowed this particular pair of Executive Edition pink-and-black Wheelies® to be photographed. He referred to them as his Lucky Skates, or "Ronnie Rockets". It is claimed that he was buried with this pair.

Herbert Hoover's Roller Party!

This picture of President Hoover and his wife was taken in the spring of 1929. In view of the date and spring-like background, it's easy to conclude that this was snapped during the traditional President Elect roller skating party which happens in the spring of the President's first year.
You can tell Mrs. Hoover wishes she had some roller skates on. She's pointing her toe out like, "Ouch these shoes are too pointy give me some skates I want to TWIRL. "
Too bad Mrs. Hoover, Presidents only.

Ba Ba Ba Billy and the Skates

President Clinton often found it easier to skate through refugee camps, because his skatin' skillz were that good. Billy C. could dodge pieces of wood and children like it was his J.O.B. It's rumored he even did some tricks for the villagers.

The hat, the beard, the laces

Honest Abe loved his roller skates so much, he chose to pose with them in this stunning portrait. "Old Blues" he called them. He hardly ever took them off. Sometimes he even carried them in his hat. That's why it was so tall.